Hello there!

My name is Tyler, I am founder and lead developer here at Echo 19 Audio. It has been a long time dream of mine to offer something unique to the aviation industry - not only that, but to the simulation community as well. Several years ago, when ArmA 2 by Bohemia Interactive was released, I started my journey into sound design and audio engineering. Most of the previous work that I've put in, personally, has been involved with military combat simulators like ArmA - and more recently, DCS: World.

The goal behind Echo 19 is to further expand what I had originally wanted to accomplish with "Real Sound Studios", which was the old title I was completing previous work under, but this time to a new, higher, standard.

We want to partner with other development studios, or as independent contractors, to help enhance the level of immersion in films, games or simulations by providing powerful attention to detail, insight and technical experience in the audio engineering industry.

Our Team

Tyler "IntrepidGamer" - Founder/CEO, Lead Developer

Stan "Smiley" - Senior Audio Engineer

Jake "JBomb" - Media and Operations Director