My name is Tyler, the founder of "Echo One Niner" audio. My background in audio engineering extends back to 2012 when I first started dabbling into aviation sound design. Back in those days, my work was mostly done in a military-combat simulator called "ArmA 2" by Bohemia Interactive. Most of the aircraft that were "modified", were done so by a small team of sound-modders that went by the group named "Real Sound Studios" that extended work up until the end of support days for ArmA 3. My love for aviation started young, too young for me to remember. I always make a point to visit all the local air-shows in my area, and maintain a healthy relationship with the online communities I am active in. I'm also currently working on my PPL in my spare time, which I hope to use to further advance my knowledge in aviation - as well as enjoy flying, not just in sims, but in the real world!

E19 serves to record, mix and master a majority of fighter and civil aviation aircraft. A major key to the work done by myself (Tyler) over the past few years is my attention extreme detail - in not only audio, but visual effects as well. If there isn't a way to do something - I'll find a way to do it to the best of my abilities. That has been a driving force for me ever since I first started sound mods. My vision for E19 is that it one day might serve as a platform to sell and distrubute high-quality aircraft-audio driven content for years to come; whether it be via sound mods for my favorite games, or a high-quality audio pack for anyone to use in their projects (film, gaming, etc.).

The Team

Tyler "IntrepidGamer" - Founder/CEO and Lead Developer

Jake "JBomb" - Media and Operations Director