News for this week: 8/28

Hello there everyone, here’s our newsletter! I'd like to start doing these at least once or twice a month.

Tomcat: We are pleased to announce that Version 1.20 has been released for download! This version includes several quality of life improvements such as adjusting the afterburner and flyby samples to name a couple of examples.

The biggest feature to this new update is the new Auto-Installer! We have spent an incredible amount of time crafting this new experience so that the installation experience is as seamless as possible. Find the update on our website and via ED's User Files. `` a special thank you to our @Test Pilot team for assisting!

Viper: We are still looking for high quality interior audio but are progressing nicely and should be on track for V2 within the next several weeks!

Hornet: The Hornet has received many many improvements since Version 4, including new Internal Audio and some revised externals.

We can’t wait to show you the improvements to both Viper and Hornet in the coming weeks…

New Production: Last but certainly not least; we are introducing Echo 19 “CORE”! This production will change almost every aspect of the core gameplay experience, from FC3 aircraft (as well as Mirage M2000, AV8-B and MiG-21bis) to environmental sound effects like wind, rain, thunder and explosions! This has been 2+ years in the making, and Stan has been crushing it behind the scenes getting this experience dialed in for everyone to use. Take a look at the video below, and some promotional materials, for your enjoyment!

Thanks so much everyone, we hope you have a great weekend. Clear skies and fly safe!