Sound Design

Below are several more recent videos that demonstrate the work I've done in modding over the past several years.

DCS: F/A-18C Hornet (external audio re-work)

Not all sounds or audio in this video have been replaced, however 90% of them have been changed or tweaked to some extent - to better represent what a real F/A-18C Hornet sounds like. The default sounds that are currently available on the DCS: Hornet are good, but I wanted it to be better - so I set out with my recorder in hand and started this project many months ago.

This project is now available for download, visit the Highlights page for more info!

Now available on the Steam workshop! The Firewill F-14 A/D/B Tomcat has been officially updated to include the most recent version of the Real Sound Studio's sound overhaul. The F-14 now features life-like audio that has not yet been seen in any ArmA 3 aircraft.

A brief preview into the newly available RealSound modification for Firewill's EA-18G Growler! Feel the incredible power of the two General Electric F414 after-burning turbofan engines within ArmA 3! This sound mod includes both new exterior and interior samples. Download via the ArmA 3 Steam Workshop:

It's here!!! After literally months of work, tweaking, testing, and shouting - the sound mod for Firewill's F-16 Fighting Falcon is finally available to download! Available now on the Steam Workshop and Coming Soon to ArmAHolic!

(old) Here's a brief sneak peek at the F-22 I've been working on. Major changes and improvements to come once the Jets DLC is finally released and I am able to implement the new audio features. The audio featured in this video has not been tampered with and was all recorded in-game. The F-22 Raptor's sound files were sourced and recorded myself.